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OI 361 Week 2

OI 361 Week 2 DQ 1 How would you define strategy, process, product, and services? How are strategy, process, product, and services related? How do you see innovation, design and creativity impa..
OI 361 Week 2 DQ 2 What is the difference between an emergent strategy and a planned strategy? Have you seen either one implemented at your organization? If so, what were the results? ..
OI 361 Week 2 DQ 3 What are some of the advantages of an organization having a “first mover” strategy or a “fast follower” strategy? How does innovation support each type of strategy? Provide a..
OI 361 Week 2 Individual Assignment Organizational Impact Paper Select one organization from each of the organizational types addressed in the Week Two readings—manufacturing and the service in..
OI 361 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Benefits and Drivers Proposal Select one of the Virtual Organizations that could benefit from a new focus on creativity and innovation. You will use this ..